Original Modern Abstract Artwork from Darren Hayes


Star Wars Artwork Now Available for a Limited Period

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Original Modern Abstract Artwork from Darren Hayes

Artwork created using wooden toothpicks, finger tips, epoxy acrylic resin and now introducing the wonderful world of Darren Hayes Art Digital©. Limited Edition Digital Artworks printed, backed, mounted and wrapped by London based Studio One Frames Ltd.


Darren Hayes Art Digital 500


It has been five years in development to create some of the most stunning and imaginative digital artworks.

From tweaking software and finding the “perfect” papers to the discovering of some of the best digital art printers in the country. Darren Hayes Art Digital© has finally arrived and I am ecstatic and excited with the results.

I am proud be associated with the new media of Digital Art and I know that each piece will be admired and loved for its intricacy, beauty, technicality, form and character.

Darren Hayes Art Digital© is here

Original Modern Abstract Artwork from Darren Hayes "Violet" by Darren Hayes Art Digital©

“A Mesmerised Perspective” by Darren Hayes Art©

Released for Purchase

Original Modern Abstract Artwork from Darren Hayes Art A Mesmerised Perspective

This artwork is the first release for 2016 and has been crafted on XXL canvas with a huge 7cm profile.

A Mesmerised Perspective combines simplicity and intricacy using deep metallic colours including metallic blacks, whites, golds, coppers, bronze, silver, violet and deep indigo’s.

A Mesmerised Perspective is full of complex character and personality. 

Original Modern Abstract Artwork from Darren Hayes

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Rare New Innovation

I own a LOT of Darren's Art, not because we knew him personally but because we were attracted to the truly new, novel and inspirational work. With so many different angles (which seem to be ever increasing) there has been something new and different for us to look at, consider and (very often) buy. The toothpick work is so different to other contemporary pieces but like a lot of the other original art we own, there are often pictures within the picture - a somewhat simplistic view of art but ultimatly we love it and believe it makes our house look beautiful. Thanks to a wonderful talent.

Dr Adam Connor

Dr Adam James Martin Connor

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